T-shirt graphics design



for graphics designs

Created as T-shirt graphics design, albeit they are great for:


– Print On Demand platforms

– stickers

– mugs

– foil balloons

– sweatshirts

– T-shirts

– etc.


You can buy a license for all of them.



Description of the graphics

Graphics files are 5000×5000 pixels and 72dpi.
When scaled to 300dpi, they are 42.33 cm wide and high.

If the graphic has a transparent background – the word „isolated” has been added to the file name.

After purchasing a license, you have the right to ask for free isolation of the pattern from the background.

POD platforms

If you want to use these graphics on Print On Demand Platforms, remember to modify them a bit. For example, add some text below. This will make them unique.

License terms

Commercial, non-exclusive license.

Unlimited by territory.

In all fields of operation, e.g.:
– print
– Internet

Due to the lack of legal possibility to grant a lifetime non-exclusive license – the license is granted for 70 years (with the possibility of free extension for another such period).

No sublicensing possible (except for print-on-demand platforms – for example Amazon MBA, Redbubble, Spreadshirt, etc.)

Unable to upload to stock with images (for example Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, etc.)




You can order graphics according to your needs in your niche. It will not be a license but a purchase of a graphic design. You will then become their sole owner. 66,6% discount if you order at least 10 designs.



Price per unit for a one-time license purchase of 1-9 designs.

Bulk Image
Purchase License


Price for one piece, when purchasing a license for more than nine designs at a time.

How to place an order?

1) Send me an e-mail with the following data:

a) Indicate the graphic designs you want to purchase.

b) Provide invoice and license data:

– If you are buying as a person who doesn’t run a company, please provide: Name and Surname, country and address of residence.

– If you are buying as a company, please provide full details for the international invoice (I’m from Poland).

2) Then I will issue you a proforma invoice. It will contain all payment details.

3) Pay the proforma.

4) After receiving the payment to the account (or confirmation of the transfer in a PDF file), I will send you:

license for selected designs
files with selected graphics.

After that, finally you can use them to develop your business and generate profit.

If you have any questions or want to place an order send me an e-mail to


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