T-shirt designs


1. Under a non-exclusive license (ready designs from the catalog or custom-made according to your needs).

2. For sale with copyright transfer. From the catalog or made to order according to your guidelines.


I offer you T-shirt designs from which you can make your own T-shirts.

You can own them or have them under a non-exclusive license.

How can you make money on them?

– in your own online store

– on English-language print on demand platforms (such as Redbubble or Merch by Amazon)

– on POD platforms in your country

– at online auctions – where you can post dozens of numbered designs to choose from. When the customer chooses, you just print.

– on advertising websites where you upload a visualization of a t-shirt and when someone orders it, you print it and send it or commission it to a printing house

– if you have a printing machine, then on your website, in addition to the usual „T-SHIRTS WITH YOUR PRINT”, you can add a catalog with numbered patterns. Then you can personalize them freely.

– you can also use several of these methods at the same time.



In retail - $225/pcs.

Wholesale (from 10 pcs.) - $75/pcs.

For $225 you can order graphics according to your needs. From the catalog or to order. You will then become its sole owner.

When purchasing more than 9 designs, you will receive a 66.6% discount and pay only $75/pcs. I transfer the copyrights.


In retail - $75/pcs. Wholesale (from 10 pcs.) - $25/pcs.

$75 is the price for one license with a one-time purchase of up to 1-9 designs.

When buying more than 9 pieces, you pay only 33.3% of the price: $25/piece.




Graphic description

These t-shirt graphics are also great for:

– stickers

– cups

– sweatshirts

– for Print On Demand platforms (such as Redbubble)

All provided graphics have a transparent background. By default, they are prepared for DTG or DTF. I provide them in a PNG file. They have been designed to look best on a black T-shirt.


Minor adjustments of graphics to your needs and printing technology are included in the price. I price larger changes individually. For example, replacing graphics with vector graphics in 3 colors for screen printing.

POD (Print On Demand Platforms)

If you want to use these graphics on Print On Demand platforms (e.g. Redbubble, Amazon Merch, etc.), be sure to slightly modify these patterns. For example, add text below or around it. This will make them unique.

License terms for these graphics

The license is:

– commercial (i.e. you can earn money on them)

– non-exclusive (you don’t buy them exclusively)

– territorially unlimited (you can use them all over the world)

– for almost all fields of use, especially for printing and the Internet (you can use them by printing, broadcasting, broadcasting, photocopying, displaying, etc., etc.). Details in the license.

Due to the lack of legal possibility to grant a non-exclusive license for life, the license is granted for 70 years with the option to extend it at any time.

License Restrictions

1) The license does not allow sub-licensing. Except when you upload these graphics to print-on-demand platforms – for example, Amazon MBA, Redbubble, Spreadshirt, etc.

2) The license does not allow the possibility of uploading graphics to stocks (for example, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, etc.)

3) The license does not allow the use of graphics as logotypes

All other methods of commercial use of the graphics are allowed.

How to buy graphics?

  • Send me an email with the following details:
    • indicate the graphic designs that you want to purchase or, if they are to be made to order, describe them to me and send a few graphics as a pattern
    • provide invoice details and country of residence. If you are purchasing as a person who does not run a business, please provide: Name and surname, residential address.
  • Then I will issue you a proforma 
  • Pay it (and if you care about time, send a confirmation of the transfer)
  • After receiving the payment to the account (or confirmation of the transfer), I send the ordered graphics and remove them from my offer, and if you buy graphics made to order, I start designing
  • Then I send you the graphics files
  • If the graphics were made to order, you accept the files if everything is fine
  • I am sending you an invoice

From that moment on, they are yours.

How to place an order for a non-exclusive license?

  • Read the license
  • Send me an email with the following details:
    • indicate the graphic designs you want to order
    • provide invoice and license details

– in the case of purchase as a person who does not run a company, please provide: Name and surname, address of residence and  SSN number (in USA)/ NIN number (in Great Britain ). Or their equivalent in your country.

– if you are buying as a company, please also provide your Tax Identification Number

  • Then I will issue you a proforma
  • Pay it (and if you care about time, send a confirmation of the transfer)
  • After receiving the payment on your account (or transfer confirmation), I will send you a completed license for the selected designs
  • In the e-mail, send the information: „I agree to the provisions of the contract” (this way we will remotely conclude a legally binding license agreement)
  • Then I send you files with graphics and an invoice.

From now on, you will be able to use them to develop your business and generate profits.

You already know everything! Order your graphics now.

If you have any more questions or want to place an order, write to me at the address jakubmilek@o2.pl.



Jakub Miłek